Why study with

Lynn Taffin brings her years of international performing experience and her enthusiastic approach to inspired lessons which fulfill a student’s dream of playing the harp, develop their understanding and appreciation of music and encourage creative expression and confidence from their practice room to the concert stage.

Lynn’s years of experience combine the finest traditions of European and American harp methods. She has studied with the most prominent teachers of the harp and coached with musicians of the Boston, Vienna, Berlin and Paris Orchestras.

What are studio

Each semester students gather for ensemble classes.  Two levels of ensemble are offered and repertoire is added each session to build skill levels and to cover a variety of themes and time periods. 

Opportunities are given each semester for solo and ensemble performances at such upscale events as charity Decorator Home Showcases and Fashion Shows.  Past events have taken place at the Fairmont Hotel, the residence of the French Consulate and the Pacific Heights mansion known as the Petit Trianon. 

Students are encouraged to participate in harp events at the local, national and international levels.  More information on these upcoming events is available on the studio Facebook page and Twitter feeds.

Why study
the harp?

Experience the creativity, artistry and magic that playing the harp brings to life
Specialized approaches for all ages

Exclusive performing opportunities - solo and ensemble  
Broad musical influences from classical to contemporary
Develop a deeper understanding and appreciation of music

Building skills from playing by ear to reading music
Perfect first instrument or to build on prior musical experience
It’s easy to get started!

About Lynn.

Lynn graduated Summa cum Laude from Boston University with Lucile Lawrence and earned her master's degree from the San Francisco Conservatory of Music with Marcella DeCray. Her studies in Paris with Marie-Claire Jamet were granted by a prestigious Rotary Ambassadorial Scholarship. She studied at the Salzedo School under Alice Chalifoux and began studies with a protégé of Marcel Grandjany. She maintains an active free-lance career in the Bay Area while continuing international concert work through her network of colleagues around the world.

Lynn has been actively involved in teaching in the Bay Area for 20 years. As a member of the American Harp Society Bay Area Chapter she chaired Workshops for the National Conference held in San Francisco in 2006. She has previously served on the board of the Bay Area Section of ASTA and is a trained adjudicator for the Certificate of Merit Program of the Music Teachers’ Association of California. She keeps international ties through the World Harp Congress and the Association Internationale des Harpistes et Amis de la Harpe.


Tuition and Fees:

Tuition may be paid in monthly installments. Monthly tuition is due at the first lesson of the month. Tuition will be adjusted to the number of lessons occurring per month. Monthly tuition is non-refundable.
Enrolling students are reserving their placement in the studio for the entire term (month). The enrollment for the month is a firm commitment and guarantees your place in the studio at the time slot agreed with the teacher.
There is no refund or credit for lessons missed with no advance notice (48 hours minimum). Please, give as much notice as possible.
Last minute cancellations due to illness or family emergency may be rescheduled depending on the teacher's schedule.
If a scheduled make-up lesson is missed or not made up within thirty (30) days, a second one cannot be scheduled.

Payment Methods:

Cash or Check - Make check payable to "Lynn Taffin".
A $20 late payment fee is added to accounts not paid within 15 days. Returned check fee is $30.
Tuition fees are subject to change. Students and/or parents will be notified by the teacher.

Teacher Cancellations:

In the event that the teacher is unable to give a lesson for any reason, the teacher will attempt to provide a make-up lesson. If the teacher cannot provide a make-up lesson, the student will receive a credit for the prepaid lesson in the following month.


When the student wishes to terminate the monthly lessons, please inform the teacher as soon as that decision is made. At least two weeks advance notice is required. If the two week advance notice is not received, then no refund will be given for any remaining lessons in the month. That means that if there are any remaining paid lessons after the two-week notice date, then those lessons will be refunded; not the remaining lessons during the two-week notice period.


Regular practice is necessary for consistent progress. Beginning students should practice at least fifteen minutes every day. Intermediate students should practice at least thirty minutes a day. When possible, all students should set aside some practice time every day. Parents can follow up on assigned work in the student’s notebook.

The Parent's Role:

Praise and encouragement are the parents' greatest tools in helping your young musicians. Sit down and listen to your child's practice immediately following their lesson. Then listen again just before the next lesson and comment upon the improvement that you hear. Your involvement and encouragement will let your child know how much you really enjoy music and want to share it with them.

Talk to your teacher about any questions you or your child may have. Communication is important to a good learning relationship! Parents are welcome to attend any lesson.

More Harp Information

Instruments are available to rent or purchase locally and Lynn is happy to help select the right instrument for you. Harps range in size from small lap sized lever harps to full sized concert pedal harps.

Lynn teaches on all sizes of harps and has a variety of sizes available in the studio. It is not necessary to bring your harp with you to lessons.

Harps are available to rent through private owners as well as for rent or purchase through local vendors.

Recommended resources for harps and harp music:

Lynn has published her own books for youngest beginners starting on smallest 26 string harps. Request a trial lesson to set goals and choose the appropriate harp and music to begin your lessons.

Call for lesson time availability.

Contact Lynn


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